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Fri. 28th & Sat. 29th Sept 2018
The Diva Sessions with ROZZ, Dasha & Poova feat. Zatanna

Fri. 5th & Sat. 6th Oct 2018
Reza Salleh

Fri. 12th & Sat. 13th Oct 2018
Nik Qistina @ Norah Jones

Fri. 19th & Sat. 20th Oct 2018
Atilia Haron & Lokman Aslam

Fri. 26th & Sat. 27th Oct 2018


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Noryn Aziz
Fri. 15th & Sat. 16th Dec 2017

Singer, Artiste, Performer…these are the words used to describe the many faces of Noryn Aziz.  Her powerful, sultry voice and amazing persona has captured the imaginations of countless audiences.  She is part of a new breed of Malaysian performers who are versatile in their work, while remaining true to their calling.  Inspired by Erykah Badu, Ella Fitzgerald, Quincy Jones and Jill Scott, this is reflected in her performance.  Her stage presence is dazzling; her voice, smooth and husky.


Her musical background started as early as she was 18 when she recorded a duet album in the year of 1996.  In 1998, she came out with her first solo pop acoustic album, and in 2000 she entered the International College of Music (ICOM) to further her studies in music. It was then she adapted jazz singing into her career. In that period of her life, Noryn did some soul searching through her musical journey, which she then came to discover jazz to be the best genre for her to evolve musically.


To Noryn, music serves one true purpose – to express truth, beauty, love, reality, hopes and dreams.  And so Noryn as the storyteller weaving a tale of her musical journey, “how it all began and how it was for me…”


Dress code applies: No Shorts & Slippers. 

Showtime 10pm. Table bookings for diners only.

Minimum age 10 & above.

Music charge RM10++/pax.

For more information, please call 03 4260-2288

or log on to


Alexis Bistro Ampang

Great Eastern Mall 

303 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur