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Fri. 24th & Sat. 25th May 2019
Samantha De Lune

Fri. 31st May & Sat. 1st June 2019
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Fri. 7th & Sat. 8th June 2019
Michael Veerapen Trio ft. Dasha Logan

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Fri. 28th July & Sat. 29th July 2019
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Duets featuring ROZZ, Poova & Zatanna
Fri. 6th & Sat. 7th April 2018

One of Malaysia’s select few international soul, rock and pop artistes, Poova’s slender frame hides pipes that could power a locomotive uphill in a tornado.  This multitalented hydroelectric soul turbine ain’t just a pretty face.  She writes, composes and produces her own music, plays the piano and is an AIM and four-time VIMA award winning performer.


When it comes to describing ROZZ, words fail.  Not because he is an other-worldly life form with the ability to silence anyone in his way (though he might well be), but because he is uncategorizable, for lack of a better word.  Every time he struts on to a stage, donning a brand new, blazing outfit; one is transported to a time when large feathered headdresses were all the rage and 10 inch heels that should by all gravitational and scientific standards, be unwalkable, are walkable.  ROZZ’s luscious jazzy vocals and sharp wit make him a dream to watch.


ROZZ and Poova will be backed by Zatanna.  The newly formed outfit, which consists of musical phenoms Sharon Chong on keys, Melina William on bass, Adriane Palikat on drums and Anis Kalisa on guitar, is one kick-ass all-woman band. Individually, these ladies are all talented musicians to be reckoned with but the synergy they create coming together as a unit is a remarkable display of beauty.  A feast not just for the ears, but for the eyes too.


Fast gaining their fame in the entertainment scene, Zatanna was recently featured in the Anugerah Skrin 2017 telecast.


ROZZ, Poova and Zatanna plan to perform all your favorite duets and they have some other re-arranged tunes up their sleeve to surprise you.  Join them at Alexis, this April 6th and 7th.


Dress code applies: No Shorts & Slippers. 

Showtime 10pm. Table bookings for diners only.

Minimum age 10 & above.

Music charge RM10++/pax.

For more information, please call 03 4260-2288

or log on to


Alexis Bistro Ampang

Great Eastern Mall 

303 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur